Chrysler Marine Manifolds


Chrysler Marine Manifolds

Quality Manifolds Parts in Kansas City

Chrysler started out in the 1920's dipping their toes in the Marine business by making engines for other manufacturers. In the 1960's the line blossomed into a full line of inboard and outboard boat engines and parts. Chrysler specialized in creating the best marine engines with a simplistic and powerful design. Focusing on removing excess wires and tubing in their engines allowed for easier maintenance and improved performance, making Chrysler’s marine engines the leader in marine technology for a variety of power boats and outboards.

Although no longer in production, original Chrysler Marine Engines and parts represent the acceleration and perfection of marine technology. Chrysler Marine Engines have proven their value by continuing to perform at an elevated level in any and all capacities. The exceptional design and fuel efficient components of Chrysler engines provide years of steady operation and performance, making Chrysler Marine Engines one of the most respected manufacturers of marine engines.


Here at US Boatworks we want to provide you with the best part available for your boat. US Boatworks has a large In store stock of premiere parts for Chrysler Marine Manifolds , and Chrysler Marine Lower Units.

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