About Us

We take boating seriously so you can have fun. We do this by providing quality service, experience, and strength. We offer not only the best service department you will find in the Kansas City area, we have the best pricing too. We bend over backwards to see that your boating needs are met—whether you need parts, a new motor or service on your engine, you can count on U.S. Boatworks.

Boat RepairLower Units/GearcasesMariner
Boat Repair ClintonAftermarket Lower UnitsMariner Gearcase
Boat Repair DesotoAlpha One Lower UnitMariner Repair Clinton
Boat Repair Hillsdale LakeBoat Lower UnitMariner Repair Desoto
Boat Repair Kansas CityBravo 3 Lower UnitMariner Repair Hillsdale Lake
Boat Repair Lake Lotawanaforce Lower UnitMariner Repair Kansas City
Boat Repair Lake PerryLower UnitMariner Repair Lake Lotawana
Boat Repair Lake QuiviraLower UnitsMariner Repair Lake Perry
Boat Repair Lake WeatherbyLower Units for SaleMariner Repair Lake Quivira
Boat Repair Lees SummitNew Lower UnitsMariner Repair Lake Weatherby
Boat Repair North Kansas CityOutboard Lower UnitMariner Repair Lees Summit
Boat Repair OlatheOutboard Lower UnitsMariner Repair North Kansas City
Boat Repair Overland ParkOutboard Motor GearcaseMariner Repair Olathe
Boat Repair ShawneeOutboard Motor Lower UnitMariner Repair Overland Park
Boat Repair Smithville
Mariner Repair Shawnee
Boat Repair Smithville LakeOMCMariner Repair Smithville

OMC Cobra Lower UnitMariner Repair Smithville Lake
Boat ServiceOMC Gearcase
Boat Service ClintonOMC Lower UnitMercury
Boat Service DesotoOMC OutdriveMerCruiser Alpha One Lower Unit
Boat Service Hillsdale LakeOMC Repair ClintonMerCruiser Lower Unit
Boat Service Kansas CityOMC Repair DesotoMerCruiser Repair Clinton
Boat Service Lake LotawanaOMC Repair Hillsdale LakeMerCruiser Repair Desoto
Boat Service Lake PerryOMC Repair Kansas CityMerCruiser Repair Hillsdale Lake
Boat Service Lake QuiviraOMC Repair Lake LotawanaMerCruiser Repair Kansas City
Boat Service Lake WeatherbyOMC Repair Lake PerryMerCruiser Repair Lake Lotawana
Boat Service Lees SummitOMC Repair Lake QuiviraMerCruiser Repair Lake Perry
Boat Service North Kansas CityOMC Repair Lake WeatherbyMerCruiser Repair Lake Quivira
Boat Service OlatheOMC Repair Lees SummitMerCruiser Repair Lake Weatherby
Boat Service Overland ParkOMC Repair North Kansas CityMerCruiser Repair Lees Summit
Boat Service ShawneeOMC Repair OlatheMerCruiser Repair North Kansas City
Boat Service SmithvilleOMC Repair Overland ParkMerCruiser Repair Olathe
Boat Service Smithville LakeOMC Repair ShawneeMerCruiser Repair Overland Park

OMC Repair SmithvilleMerCruiser Repair Shawnee
VolvoOMC Repair Smithville LakeMerCruiser Repair Smithville
Volvo GearcaseOMC Stern DriveMerCruiser Repair Smithville Lake
Volvo Lower UnitOMC SterndriveMerCruiser Sterndrive
Volvo Outdrive
Mercury Gearcase
Volvo Penta Lower UnitEvinrudeMercury Lower Unit
Volvo Penta Repair ClintonEvinrude GearcaseMercury Lower Unit for Sale
Volvo Penta Repair DesotoEvinrude Lower UnitMercury Lower Units
Volvo Penta Repair Hillsdale LakeEvinrude Lower UnitsMercury Lower Units for Sale
Volvo Penta Repair Kansas CityEvinrude Repair ClintonMercury Outboard Lower Unit
Volvo Penta Repair Lake LotawanaEvinrude Repair DesotoMercury Repair Clinton
Volvo Penta Repair Lake PerryEvinrude Repair Hillsdale LakeMercury Repair Desoto
Volvo Penta Repair Lake QuiviraEvinrude Repair Kansas CityMercury Repair Hillsdale Lake
Volvo Penta Repair Lake WeatherbyEvinrude Repair Lake LotawanaMercury Repair Kansas City
Volvo Penta Repair Lees SummitEvinrude Repair Lake PerryMercury Repair Lake Lotawana
Volvo Penta Repair North Kansas CityEvinrude Repair Lake QuiviraMercury Repair Lake Perry
Volvo Penta Repair OlatheEvinrude Repair Lake WeatherbyMercury Repair Lake Quivira
Volvo Penta Repair Overland ParkEvinrude Repair Lees SummitMercury Repair Lake Weatherby
Volvo Penta Repair ShawneeEvinrude Repair North Kansas CityMercury Repair Lees Summit
Volvo Penta Repair SmithvilleEvinrude Repair OlatheMercury Repair North Kansas City
Volvo Penta Repair Smithville LakeEvinrude Repair Overland ParkMercury Repair Olathe
Volvo Penta Stern DriveEvinrude Repair ShawneeMercury Repair Overland Park
Volvo Stern DriveEvinrude Repair SmithvilleMercury Repair Shawnee
Volvo SterndriveEvinrude Repair Smithville LakeMercury Repair Smithville

Mercury Repair Smithville Lake
Tohatsu GearcaseJohnson Evinrude Lower UnitRemanufactured Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair ClintonJohnson GearcaseRemanufactured Evinrude Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair DesotoJohnson Lower UnitRemanufactured Johnson Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Hillsdale LakeJohnson Lower UnitsRemanufactured force Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Kansas CityJohnson Outboard Lower UnitRemanufactured Mercury Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake LotawanaJohnson Outboard Repair ClintonRemanufactured MerCruiser Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake PerryJohnson Outboard Repair DesotoRemanufactured OMC Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake QuiviraJohnson Outboard Repair Hillsdale LakeRemanufactured Volvo Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lake WeatherbyJohnson Outboard Repair Kansas CityRemanufactured Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair Lees SummitJohnson Outboard Repair Lake LotawanaRebuilt Lower Units
Tohatsu Repair North Kansas CityJohnson Outboard Repair Lake Perry
Tohatsu Repair OlatheJohnson Outboard Repair Lake QuiviraMarine Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair Overland ParkJohnson Outboard Repair Lake WeatherbyBoat Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair ShawneeJohnson Outboard Repair Lees SummitBoat Exhaust Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair SmithvilleJohnson Outboard Repair North Kansas CityChrysler Manifolds
Tohatsu Repair Smithville LakeJohnson Outboard Repair OlatheGLM Manifolds

Johnson Outboard Repair Overland ParkMerCruiser Manifolds

Johnson Outboard Repair ShawneeOMC Manifolds

Johnson Outboard Repair SmithvilleVolvo Penta Manifolds

Johnson Outboard Repair Smithville LakeOEM Marine Manifolds